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Acision at Mobile World Congress 2013 Wrap Up

Having had an extremely busy first few days, the traffic across the congress eased on Wednesday and Thursday as people started to make their way home after hectic schedules. However, the show still had a buzz about it as people used the congress as a platform to greet, meet, do business and exchange ideas.

As the biggest global industry event in the mobile space, a key component of Mobile World Congress is networking with fellow attendees and mobile leaders. With this in mind, Acision representatives ensured they were working the show floor to interact with potential new customers and partners, while getting insights into what will drive the mobile horizon and messaging ecosystem in 2013 and beyond.

Encouragingly, this year’s attendance figures were up by 7 per cent as the GSMA announced 72,000 people had been through the doors, from across 200 countries. Those in attendance were treated to a wealth of learning; product showcases, inspiration, innovation and announcements, with Acision making its own announcements on Wednesday focusing on its strategic partnership with Soli and its deployment of Acision Message Plus at Turkcell, which also featured in the Mobile World Daily.

Reflecting on the GSMA’s RCS Seminar on the Tuesday, ‘Rich Communications: Can you afford not to joyn’, in which Mark Kaplan, Chief Evangelist from our strategic partner Soli Interactive participated in,  it was evident that one of the main talking points for RCS/joyn introduction is ‘Reach’. This is very much in line with what Acision is advocating, through our consolidated messaging platform, Acision BMSC, which enables operators to involve the complete mobile community in the joyn experience by addressing the need for reach. We do this via our SMS and MMS interworking solution, enabling chat, group chat and file transfer with virtually everyone with a mobile phone.

When discussing monetisation of the mobile channels, the industry believes that brand and enterprise consumer engagement is a valuable way to do this. Also, for RCS this is seen as a revenue stream that needs to be enabled quickly, with all involved, including the brands, in favour of making two way consumer dialogue a key feature, enriching the experience, bringing further value and enabling service monetisation.

Another very interesting point which was discussed in the RCS seminar was about healthcare and how this represents an opportunity for operators as well. At this moment trillions of dollars are spent each year on health care (47 trillion USD from 2011-2030). An increasingly high part of this is related to diseases that can be avoided. One way to avoid this is to use mobile communications to educate and influence behaviour change to make informed decisions. All in all, 70% of this spend is avoidable if dealt with directly and the mobile channel is an ideal avenue to do this, so represents a huge value.

Thinking about discussions that had taken place as the show wrapped up, it felt like a lot of constructive, valuable conversations had happened across different players in the industry, including how the messaging communication ecosystem will evolve and the part Acision and Soli will play in its development. The GSMA claimed it was the biggest and best yet which we agree, after another busy and very successful event. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s participation at Mobile World Congress.  We look forward to an exciting year of changes and growth in 2013.