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  • fuseMe by Acision

    fuseMe by Acision trailer

    Share your world...smarter, with fuseMe by Acision, our all-in-one smart communications app. For more information on fuseMe, Read More

  • How To Monetose Mobile Messaging

    ITProPortal: Part III How to monetise instant messaging

    In Part III, the final installment with ITProPortal, JF Sullivan CMO & EVP Products at Acision, addresses "How To Monetise Instant Messaging", getting right to its essence: “solve the problem and the money will follow”.  JF ...

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  • Is SMS Dead

    ITProPortal: Part II Is SMS dead?

    Answering the big question that has engulfed the mobile community, in Part II with ITProPortal, "Is SMS Dead?", JF Sullivan CMO & EVP Products, sets the story straight on Acision’s position on the future of SMS and the mobile messaging landscape. Talking ...

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  • JF The Mobile Messaging Industry Explained

    ITProPortal: Part I The Mobile Messaging Industry Explained

    Welcome to Part I (of three) interviews in a web series with ITProPortal and JF Sullivan, CMO & EVP Products at Acision. Kicking off with "The Mobile Messaging Industry Explained", JF discusses Acision's role in the mobile messaging ecosystem.  ...

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