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  • The newest sms spam threat

    The Lure of Easy Money One should never underestimate the ingenuity of those seeking to make money with the least possible effort. For the dubious entrepreneur, the mobile market, with its new universe of apps and monetisation models, represents a world of opportunity. In the world of app marketing, the three ...

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  • Exploiting the Existing - Making the Most of and Further Monetising Your Messaging Infrastructure

    While the mobile device user is overwhelmed with choice when it comes to which messaging and communication channels to use today, for the foreseeable future there will still only be one messaging channel that the majority of users will fall back to, and that is SMS! While it is predicted there will be 913 million unique mobile ...

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  • WebRTC – the New Opportunity in Rich and Real-time Communications

    As the buzz around WebRTC continues to grow and analysts predict it will ‘revolutionise’ communications, it is now imperative for carriers and enterprises alike to understand what WebRTC is all about and to develop appropriate strategies towards it. We at Acision believe WebRTC presents many new opportunities but also ...

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  • The IVR paradox - Talk to your browser with webrtc instead

    What could be hailed as one of the most annoying inventions of all time? Press 1 if you think you know the answer. Yes, according to a study by the Discovery Channel, IVR is the premier bane of our modern lives.  You’re probably not surprised.  I’m sure everyone reading this has ...

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