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  • The fuseMe day in the life of a millennial office worker

    Following on from our previous installment of "a day in the life of fuseMe", where we followed Polly on her journey of discovering the full potential of using fuseMe while preparing for and during the world renowned Glastonbury music festival, this week we are ...

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  • The fuseMe life of a Glastonbury festival goer – keeping people fused together!

    Today we announced the release of the latest version of our fuseMe app, an all-in-one, smart communications client for messaging, sharing and beyond. To showcase the full capabilities of fuseMe by Acision, we looked at how it could be used during one of the largest music festivals in the world - Glastonbury - which took place last ...

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  • R is for Retailers and Real-Time Communication

    You can generally categorise shoppers into two types. The first type is averse to shopping, who shuns any kind of direct human interaction. He or she (usually a he) wants to make their purchase as quickly as possible, on their own terms, and in the easiest manner.  The preference of this person is to shop online, loving the speed and ease ...

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  • Acision Wins Best in Show at WebRTC Conference & Expo IV

    We are pleased to announce that Acision has been presented with the “Best in Show” Award for our mobile customer service demo during TMCNet’s WebRTC Conference & Expo ...

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